Hervey Bay Attractions

Hervey Bay Attractions provide information about Fraser Island, Burrum Heads and other areas of interest for the visitor to Hervey Bay.

Hervey Bay Attractions

There is so much to experience when you visit Hervey Bay. Yes, you can enjoy all that the city of Hervey Bay offers. However, there is much more to enjoy. World heritage listed Fraser Island is right at your back door. Burrum Heads is a quiet little town 15 minutes north of Hervey Bay. So much to see in Hervey Bay and surrounds.

World Heritage Listed Fraser Island

Hervey Bay Attractions

Fraser Island - Discover the beauty of Fraser Island while you stay in Hervey Bay. World Hertage Liste Fraser Island is at your finger tips.

Fraser Island is the larget sand island in the world. It is home to untouched freshwater lakes and creeks with some of the world's rarest dune lakes. Read more about Fraser Island!

Hervey Bay Attractions

Lake Mckenzie Fraser Island is one of the most marketed and renowned tourist destinations on fraser Island.

Lake McKenzie Fraser Island is a perched lake which sits above sea level on a sealed based formed from sand and organic matter. Lake McKenzie is a fresh water lake with super clear water and pure white silica sand shoreline.

Hervey Bay Attractions

Fraser Island Camping Grounds provide information about the camping grounds on Fraser Island.

Camping is one of the best ways to experience and explore Fraser Island. Most camping grounds are managed by the government but there are a couple that are operated privately. It really comes down to choosing the Fraser Island Camping Grounds that best suits your traveling situation.

Burrum Heads

Hervey Bay Attractions

Burrum Heads is a quiet little seaside town fifteen minutes north of Hervey Bay. This is a great place for a day trip or a stay over.

You certainly can relax and unwind in this little sleepy town. Walk along the water's edge or spend some time fishing. The children will love swimming in the bay area. You can stay in the caravan park or book a house for the weekend.

Hervey Bay Skydivers

Hervey Bay Attractions

Hervey Bay Skydivers - Want to experience an adrenalin rush? Want to learn how to skydive?

You will be in good hands when you skydive the Fraser Coast. Book your next skydive online or phone 1300 588 616 or 07 4183 0119.

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